Tuesday, March 30, 2010

and now some green

occasionally, i like to throw one of my pics in Pioneer Woman's photography assignments. in case you've been living under a rock and don't know, the current assignment is green photos. i just happen to have a favorite photo that is very, very green so i tossed it into the ring. babygirl looks so darling in green, big bald head and all.


and since i think it's fun to see the before & afters, here's the SOOC:

Friday, March 26, 2010

dramatic black & white ~ i heart faces

the theme for this week's challenge on i heart faces is dramatic black & white. i've been doing alot of vibrant color lately, so it was kind of nice to revisit some b&w for this challenge and really focus on the black and white aspect being significant and meaningful in the photo. i loved the way the black & white played up the texture of the lane and field in this photo as well as the lighting.


about this photo: with the days stretching a little longer and the weather warming up, we've been able to enjoy a little time outside after dinner. i like to walk down the lane with babygirl and watch for deer in the field. to the left where she's watching there are about twenty deer in the distance. they come out around dusk, as do we. and it's beautiful every single time.

go catch some more desaturated drama at i heart faces!

fix it friday #48 ~ i heart faces

i REALLY missed fix it friday last week! i need my weekly editing fix! so happily, i present this week's fix it friday for i heart faces. this one was a pleasure to work on. i love close ups of faces, all the details, especially the eyes!

here is the original submitted by Natalie P.

here's my edit.
fix it friday #48 ~ i heart faces

what i did (edited in photoshop cs3):
open in camera raw ~ white balance, crop
open in photoshop
levels adjustment layer
brighten face ~ touch of light/touch of darkness, MCP Actions
sharpen features ~ smart sharpen
brighten eyes ~ levels and curves adjustment layers
remove redness in eye & discoloration on nose ~ clone stamp
lighten under eye shadows ~ patch tool
Lord of the Rings Everyday ~ Kubota Actions
bump saturation ~ hue/saturation adjustment layer
bump contrast ~ soft light layer
darken edges ~ touch of light/touch of darkness, MCP Actions

Monday, March 15, 2010

bundled up ~ i heart faces

the theme for this week's challenge on i heart faces is bundled up. we had a pair of snow storms a few weeks ago that got us all plenty bundled up! babygirl was not impressed with the snow at all ~ i can't blame her since the snow was about as tall as her! we had to sit her on a garbage can lid just so she wouldn't sink into the snow! nevertheless...she's so darn adorable she can still look this cute while sitting on a garbage can lid!


spring is almost here....so grab a final cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up with some bundly goodness on i heart faces before it arrives!

Friday, March 12, 2010

fix it friday #47 ~ i heart faces

this week's fix it friday on i heart faces... i must admit this one was quite challenging. i wanted to really focus the attention on her face and show the connection with the pinball. also when i looked at the original i felt like the lighting should be sort of dramatic, almost as if the light on her face was coming from the pinball machine. noise was difficult ~ note to self, must purchase noiseware!

here is the original submitted by Amy Pinney

here's my edit:

fix it friday #47 ~ i heart faces

what i did (edited in photoshop cs3):
opened in ACR ~ cropped slightly, adjusted white balance, reduced noise
opened in photoshop
midbright ~ kubota actions, on face & arm only
touch of light/touch of darkness ~ MCP Actions, lightened face, arm, and pinball/darkened edges
cloned out distractions in background
sharpened features of face & brightened eyes
removed shadows under eyes
powder soft ~ kubota actions
angel glow ~ kubota actions
bumped up saturation slightly
increase contrast with curves adjustment
vintage velvet & painterly textures ~ florabella

Thursday, March 11, 2010

first signs of spring on raspberry lane

i saw these little beauties popping up in the last few days ~ most people would probably be excited that they mean spring is upon us, but i was just excited to get to take some pics of them! flowers are a nice departure from my usual subjects, little kiddos running around like nuts! the flowers stay where i put them, always look beautiful, and give me a chance to play around with the editing. here's a step by step of the fun i had turning simple crocus from my yard into a beautiful, artistic looking image.


first of all, the setup for the shot, a peek behind the curtain...prepare to be amazed! ...um, or not:

and here's the magic of photography...from that to this...the sooc shot:
(click on any of the screen shots to view larger)

i cropped the image in ACR and then opened in photoshop:

and then, the first thing i do on almost any image is to manipulate the light. my favorite tool for this is MCP Actions Touch of Light/Touch of Darkness. i added light to the center bloom and darkened the edges of the image.
next i stamped the layers and sharpened this layer, then applied a layer mask to reveal the sharpening only on the center bloom.

ok, that was the basic stuff...now for some real fun! i ran the Velveteen 23 action ~ Kubota Actions. this really enhanced the light manipulation i did earlier and added some drama. it's a bit much straight up, so i lowered the opacity to just 25%...perfection!

now to punch up the color and contrast, Punch Lite ~ Kubota Actions

now, i really could've stopped right there if i wanted a realistic image, but with flowers i like to go dreamy and very artistic. so for the dreaminess i turn to Little Ballerina ~ Isabelle LaFrance.

and finally, some texture. i used Painterly ~ Florabella, applied straight up, overlay blend mode at 24% opacity.

tada! before & after:

Monday, March 8, 2010

a sunset over raspberry lane

with the weather shifting from winter to spring, there have been some really beautiful skies around here in the last few weeks. i've never really been big on shooting skies or landscapes ~ people have always been my thing. but we live in such a beautiful place, i'm challenging myself to branch out a bit and capture some of the surroundings that make me so happy every day.

tonight, playing with the kids outside, walking/riding bikes in the lane, watching for deer in the field, beautiful sunset.


ok....now for a reality check...i am not this amazing of a photographer! i am a decent editor. here's the sooc shot.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

there's a winner on raspberry lane!!

WHAT?! one of my photos was chosen first place in the hilarious outtakes challenge on i heart faces! ... i would just like to thank all of the little people who made this great honor possible! namely, my little nephew for being so darn hilarious! seriously, thanks to Melissa at Spoiled Mommy for recognizing my photo.

and here's the photo in question ... kind of bittersweet winning something for a photo that went wrong! ...eh, i'll take it!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

fix it friday #46 ~ i heart faces

this week's fix it friday on i heart faces.

here is the original photo submitted by Sarah Halstead at Loving My Life.

here is my edit: version 1, a basic edit

fix it friday #46 ~ i heart faces

version 2: got a bit more artistic with it

fix it friday #46 ~ i heart faces

what i did (edited in photoshop cs3):
cropped & cleaned up face in acr
combined two exposures
touch of light/touch of darkness ~ mcp actions
softened shadow on nose ~ gaussian blur
smoothed skin ~ doll face ~ kubota actions
sharpened features & brightened eyes
punch lite ~ kubota actions
smokeless burn ~ kubota actions
dream burst II ~ patti brown

version 2: added colorshift texture ~ jessica drossin
nostalgic retro action ~ isabelle lafrance

Monday, March 1, 2010

the intakes

so you've seen the outtakes, but when no one was chewing, feeding, falling, eating, or being sniffed....there were actually some nice shots! here are some of those.


IMG_8610-copy-web IMG_0373-web


hilarious outtakes ~ i heart faces

i am very fortunate for this week's challenge on i heart faces ~ hilarious outtakes ~ as my family provides me with PLENTY of those! i've had a really fun time choosing photos to post and i can't wait to see what everyone else will have to show! i'm going to be doing alot of laughing today!

#1...my nephew (could he be any cuter!) ~ we were trying to do the mommy's feet and baby's feet shot, but the little guy must have been hungry! he would not lay off of the toes!!

#2...omg, this one makes me crack up every time!! my mom thought it would be fun to feed the seagulls on the beach...she underestimated their love of stale hot dog buns!!

#3...the funniest thing about this one to me is the hand on it's way to save the little guy from a slow roll onto a fluffy soft sheepskin (faux!) rug!

#4...got lots of adorable shots of my babygirl in her tutu that day ~ the neighbors dog wanted to get in on this one! i guess the little diva can't take dog breath!

#5...and finally my hilarious sister attacks her ice cream cone with a ferocity few of us can match! but, hey, she was pregnant so i think all the mommies out there will understand!

hahahaha....hehehheeeee...hooohohooooooo...eh, eh hem, whew, ok, let me catch my breath from all the hilarity....then i'm going to head over to i heart faces and check out everyone else's funny funny stuff! join me, won't you?


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