Monday, June 28, 2010

my sweet loves



summertime on raspberry lane


Friday, June 25, 2010

fix it friday #60 ~ i heart faces

i heart tie dye

here is the original photo by Susan Keller

here is my edit
fix it friday #60 ~ i heart faces

what i did (edited in photoshop cs3):
open in camera raw ~ crop, increase saturation to 15
open in photoshop
ran noiseware very lightly
sharpened features ~ smart sharpen
hollywood glow action ~ kubota actions
added textures Bokeh Flare 24%, Beach Glass (vivid light) 24%, and Bokeh Touch 61% ~ Patti Brown texures
lens flare ~ lens flare filter, 50-300mm 75brightness
added warmth ~ color balance adjustment layer, +10red -11 yellow
removed distractions in background ~ clone stamp
daily multivitamin action ~ kubota actions

Friday, June 11, 2010

fix it friday #58 ~ i heart faces

i wish i heart faces had make it better mondays instead of fix it fridays! fridays are too busy! nevertheless, here's my #58

here is the original photo by susan keller of short on words

here is my edit
fix it friday #58 ~ i heart faces

what i did (edited in photoshop cs3):

opened in camera raw ~ crop, white balance (off her teeth!), increase saturation to +15

opened in photoshop

brightened faces, deepened background ~ touch of light/touch of darkness action ~ mcp actions

sharpened features ~ smart sharpen

daily multivitamin action and kiyoko punch action ~ kubota actions

for the sky, added a "texture" called twilight ~ patti brown kaleidoscope textures

enhanced the sunflare with two "textures", bokeh bunch glow and sweet light ~ patti brown kaleidoscope textures

the last step i did was run noiseware, but this was an oopsie. i meant to do it first, but forgot, and just noticed as i was finishing up that it needed some polishing.


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